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We all want more event business irrespective of the type of venue, supplies or services provided to an ever-growing corporate, association and government market.

And because the world is becoming more aware and indeed concerned with environmental destruction – organisations have implemented green policies and procedures in doing business through their procurement departments and therefore the event managers.

Events in particular have a major and immediate impact on the environment whether it is 20 attendees at 100 event or 2000 attendees at 1 event.  The devastation can be significant.

It is overdue for the events industry in all it’s sectors to discover what the decision-makers are requiring if their organisation’s contract event venues, supplies or services.  

The 2016 Green Events Forum themed:  ‘Go Green! It’s Good for Business’ will provide participants with in-depth information on what potential clients will require in a green policy as well as the challenges faced by organisations with various sectors of the events industry.

At the same conference – participants will be provided with the simple Green Standards that each sector should adhere to – also attendees will be provided with the opportunity to give their inputs on the Green Minimum Standards.  Both the well-informed presenters as well as the take-away value will be of a high quality.

Book the date of Thursday 21st July at Hackle Brooke Centre. Contact lynn@eventgreening.co.za to be included on the mailing list to receive ongoing updates.  Participation is limited hence early reservation is advised.