Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Colin from Happy Sandpit says......

Dear Dudu,

I am very grateful to you for such a wonderful event today. You really are a super star; the room was perfect, the little last minute changes happened without a hitch and I am so pleased that you had a clicker because I have no idea how I forgot mine.......

You’re absolutely lovely and I look forward to working with you again very soon.

All the very best


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Conference Centre in Randburg

There is a conference venue in Randburg that ticks all the boxes - so look no further than Hackle Brooke Conference Centre which has the all the features you are looking for:

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hackle Brooke Conference Centre launches the virtual office

A business address in the right place and a local contact number can make all the difference in business.

Our professional teams will manage your calls.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hackle Brooke Facilities

A sneak peak into the rooms that Hackle Brooke has to offer.

We having been running for nearly 12 years now so we understand exactly what is required when it comes to training and what delegates are in need of.

All of our rooms are smartly equipped with ample natural lighting.

Hackle Brooke Fibre Optic Connectivity

Never been to Hackle Brooke before?

Why don't you pop in for a complimentary cappuccino and see what we are all about...?
Dont forget to bring your laptop, our fibre optic wifi makes for surreal seamless connectivity.. and it is free.

Duduzile Masondo

Our very own Duduzile Masondo - The Hackle Brooke team could not be more proud of our general centre manager.

This award is so well deserved for Dudu teaches each and every single one of us what it means to be committed, dedicated, articulate and hard working.
Her smile lights the venue with an ethereal energy that eminent. Dudu leads the Hackle Brooke family from strength to strength and the Top 40 Women in Mice was a reminder of just how special and valued our very own Dudu is.

A BIG thank you once again to Meetings Mag, Martin Hiller Van Rensburg, his amazing team and all other sponsors for pulling off an incredible event for amazing women that mould the MICE industry. - Thank you to The Planner & Dan Rosenthal for the stunning photos

Hackle Brooke and the Event Greening Forum

With a focused eye on being a part of greening the environment – Hackle Brooke has been selected as the exclusive meeting venue in Gauteng for assisting the Event Greening Forum (EGF) to ‘get the message across’ on all aspects towards a greener environment.